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Restoration - Stanley #10 Blade

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Restoration - Stanley #10 Blade

October 2009 - During Restoration of an old Stanley #10

Problem: What to do with an old Stanley #10 Rebate Plane Blade

1. Replace with a new Stanley Blade

2. or a new After-market Blade

3. or look for a good one of similar vintage - very hard to find

When refurbishing an 1890's #10 recently I decided to repair the old blade so as to keep the original "Pat. '92" stamp.

Step #1: cut off the end of the old blade

Step #2: cut off a piece from another blade of similar thickness at least 2 1/8" wide

Pic of the throwaway piece:

Step #3: clamp both to a flat plate and weld.  Note that the cut is far enough away from the tip so the heat won't affect hardness of  blade where it matters.

Step#4:  Grind, grind and more grind until the final shape is achieved then finish with abrasive paper and diamond plates.

A little more work with a diamond plate and the sanding marks won't be as obvious - at present they are highlighted by the camera flash, don't show up in real life.

Jim Davey 2009

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