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06-05M09-09 ..... Veritas Chisel & Narrow Blade Holder Attachment

The Veritas® Narrow-Blade Head is designed to hold narrow blades square to the standard Mk.II honing guide, and works with the straight roller base and angle registration jig.

  Figure 1: Narrow-blade carrier components.

To install the narrow-blade carrier, unfasten the standard blade carrier from the straight roller base. Position the narrow-blade carrier on the roller base and secure it to the roller base with the locking knob and washer, as shown in Figure 2, aligning it to position ②(yellow) or ③ (green) as necessary for the desired bevel angle. (Position ① is not available in the chisel honing configuration.) In general, position ② (yellow) will accommodate the typical range of chisel bevels.

The narrow-blade carrier can accommodate chisel blades as narrow as 1/8" and as wide as 1-1/2". Blades with bevelled sides are securely held.

  Figure 2: Mounting the narrow-blade carrier onto the straight roller base.

Once the blade carrier is installed, slide the angle registration jig onto the dovetail feature along the front of the narrow-blade carrier. Locate the registration stop for the desired bevel angle.

  Figure 3: Connecting the registration jig onto the narrow-blade carrier.

Hold the narrow-blade carrier assembly upside down. Turn the blade clamp knob counterclockwise to open the clamp jaws, place the chisel blade between the two jaws and against the registration stop, then turn the clamp knob clockwise to clamp the chisel blade firmly (but avoid overtightening). (Note: The parallel jaws in the narrow-blade carrier automatically center the blade.)

  Figure 4: Installing a chisel.

Loosen the registration jig clamp knob, slide the registration jig off of the narrow-blade carrier, and sharpen the blade.

Figure 5: Skewed micro-bevel interface.
Note: The section between the primary bevel and the micro-bevel can often be skewed in relation to the edge; however, this is not a concern. While the geometry of the guide is sensitive to even the smallest influences, the geometry at the edge of the blade is not nearly as sensitive. The guide will create a square edge, even if the section between the primary bevel and the micro-bevel appears to be skewed.

Patent pending.

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