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055-401-92 .... WoodRiver Shoulder Plane #92

Product Information, from Woodcraft USA:

The No. 92 combines the best of the Edward Preston and Sons’ plane designs with modern WoodRiver® features to create a “new classic” with the look and feel of a shiny antique but the body of shoulder plane equipped for serious shop work, whether cleaning up tenons, rabbets and dadoes or creating joints. The WoodRiver No. 92 is the result of two years of extensive prototyping and testing to develop a classic look for a plane that works as good as it looks. The classic shoulder plane features were retained – narrow body, slightly proud blade (to clean corners), sides square to the sole, flat bottoms and a necessary robustness—but a major new feature was added, an adjustable toe used to control the throat opening and help to minimize tear-out on end grain. The body of the No. 92 is Cr40 stress-relieved ductile steel, machined square and flat, and the blade is Mn65 tool steel hardened to 60-64 Rc which combines toughness with the ability to take a keen edge. The blade advancement mechanism is smooth and precise. Dimensions : Body–length 175mm (7"), width 19mm (3/4"), height 62mm (2-1/2"), Overall Plane–length 224mm (8-13/16"), height 80mm (3-1/4"); weight: 1 kg (2 lbs., 3.4 oz.); bedded angle, 15°; blade angle 25°.

  • For tweaking tenons, rebates (rabbets) and dadoes

  • Sides square to sole

  • Classic look and feel

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    Price $ 255.00 AUD
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