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055-400-10 .... WoodRiver Bench Plane #1

Product Information:

The WoodRiver® No. 1 Smoothing Plane was the smallest of Stanley bench planes but was perhaps the most infamous, being sought after by collectors because of its scarcity. Originally sold to handle small smoothing jobs, sometimes in tight places, this plane is often held in the palm of the hand as one would use a block plane.
Like all WoodRiver V3 Hand Planes, the No. 1 features a ductile iron body precision machined to be flat and square, brass screws and an adjuster knob, plus a beautiful finished Bubinga knob and tote. However, unlike its larger siblings, the No. 1 does not have a lateral adjustment lever. At 5-3/4" L x 1-1/2" W and 1.3 lbs., it’s just a tad heavier than the original Stanley. But don’t let its size fool you: the WoodRiver No. 1 is a fully functional plane that is very much at home in the workshop making shavings!

  • Fully functional miniature smoothing plane
  • 1-1⁄2" W x 5-3⁄4" L with 1-13⁄64" W T10 high carbon steel blade
  • Ductile iron castings with fully machined frog
  • Soles and sides are machined flat and square
  • Lightly finished Bubinga tote and knob
  • Honed sharp by JD - clean the protective oil off, set the blade and Ready to Use
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    Price $ 190.00 AUD
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