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055-402-62 .... WoodRiver Low Angle Jack #62

Originally advertised as a plane for heavy stock removal across the grain, the No. 62 has found a home as a smoother and is quite popular among collectors. The WoodRiver® No. 62 is faithful to the original design, but is almost a full pound heavier at approximately 4.6 lbs. It features a body cast from ductile iron, with a bed angle of 12°, a Bubinga tote and front knob, and a Mn65 high-carbon steel blade with a 25° bevel. The plane measures a little less than 14"/350mm in length x 2.4"/ 60mm in width and has a 2"/50mm wide blade.

·         Heavy ductile iron casting

·         Mn65 high-carbon steel blade

·         Flat Sole and square sides

·         Bubinga tote and front knob

.       Extra Blades at 25 and 40 degree available

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Price $ 325.00 AUD
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